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Research interest
My main research interests are in the kinematic analysis of deformed rocks: how to use geometric data from fabric elements in deformed rocks such as foliations, porphyroclasts, folds or boudins to obtain quantitative kinematic data on the progress of deformation. This work is done through microstructural studies, numerical analysis, and laboratory experiments using rock analogues. Microstructural models are tested in field-based research projects in complex deformed terrains, mostly in Precambrian rocks. Field-based research mostly concentrates on mylonites and the interpretation of structures in ductile and brittle shear zones. I am presently involved in fieldwork projects in Namibia, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Brasil and Uruguay. I am also interested in the development of digital field mapping techniques and their application on Earth and the planet Mars, and in the use of the microstructure of travertine deposits from Roman aqueducts to obtain information on neotectonics and on climate, land use and engineering in the Ancient World.





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