MICRODYNAMICS SIMULATION - series: Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, Vol. 106


This volume deals with the simulation of metamorphic and tectonic microstrucutres in rocks with a special emphasis on the modelling package "Elle". The first part provides a review of the problems and opportunities in the modelling of microstructures, followed by an introduction to various numerical modelling techniques. In the second part examples of the modelling of different processes which alter rock microstructure are presented, beginning with individual processes and progressing to modelling multiple coupled processes. The accompanying CD not only enables readers to carry out these simulations themselves and but also helps them to design their own simulations.

From the reviews:
"This book constitutes a detailed introduction to a simulation problem with special reference to earth sciences. In addition, it introduces the modeling package known as Elle that has been specifically designed by a community of scientists dealing with microdynamics of rock transformations to simulate grain scale processes. (...) Without a doubt, the book can be recommended for researchers in the field of mathematical modeling of rock forming processes, teachers and advanced-level students of tectonics, petrology and geotechnical engineering who are interested in (...) mathematical geology." (Yuri Gulbin, Mathematical Geosciences, Vol. 41, 2009)

MICRODYNAMICS SIMULATION - BONS, PAUL D., KÖHN, DANIEL & JESSELL MARK W. (EDS.) Springer Verlag. 2008, XXII, 406 p. 185 illus. With CD-ROM., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-540-25522-2

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